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    Vertical storage unit in a natural oak finish. Dimensions cm 66 x 196,2h x 30d - 26" x 77"1/4h x 11"3/4 - drawer cm 29,5 x 29,5h x 27,7 - 11"5/8 x 11"5/8h x 10"7/8. Weight 50 kg - 110 lb

    Horizontal storage unit in dark oak finish, on metal support.
    Dimensions cm 193,2 x 84h x 40d - 76" x 33"h x 15"3/4d
    Drawer cm 29,5 x 29,5h x 37,7d - 11"5/8 x 11"5/8 x 14"7/8d. Weight 55 kg - 121 lb

    Vertical storage unit in natural oak finish. Weight 55 kg -121 lb
    Dimensions cm 66 x 196,2h x 40d - 26" x 77"1/4h x 15"3/4 - drawer cm 29,5 x 29,5h x 37,7d - 11"5/8 x 11"5/8 x 14"7/8

    Vertical storage unit in brown oak finish.

    Konte, 2005 - Luigi Lanzi

    Storage unit subdivided in twelve sections which can be used as open shelves or fitted with drawers, creating personal combinations of open and closed spaces. The unit can be used vertically, mounted on adjustable feet, or horizontally, on a metal support. Structure and drawers are made from MDF and are available in a natural, brown, dark oak or teak finish.


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