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    Plan-a, 2006 - Giulio Gianturco , Mario Tessarollo

    This project arises from construction experience, where the shower environment is often beautifully handcrafted, from time to time integrated as much as possible into architecture. The apparent simplicity is the strength of the project, a bar connects the crystals and sustains the rotating pins of the door.
    In this solution you do not need strong marks, this essential and precise line is embellished with small details in natural or black brushed anodised aluminium, designed to give a plain image, not a showed-off.

    corner: 70-200 x 70-140 x 210h - 27”9/16-78”3/4 x 27”9/16-55”1/8 x 82”43/64
    nice:70-200 x 210h - 27”9/16-78”3/4 x 82”43/64


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