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    Home Page / Products / Ell programme — Ell countertop in support


    Ell countertop in support, 2015 - Benedini Associati , Andrés Jost , Diego Cisi

    The Ell top is available in support on the containers of the Lato programme.The front edge is shaped to facilitate the opening of the drawers, while the side edges are vertical and they allow using the top in the niche. The countertop is made in Corian® white, Carrara white, Carnic gray, black Marquina or black Picasso marble.
    Ell has a thickness reduced to only 38,5 mm (1” 33/64) into which is made the 60 cm (23” 5/8) wide washbasin recess, marked by grill panel that can be freely located over the entire length of the top. It is available with a minimum length of 80 cm (31” 1/4) and a maximum length of 260 cm (102” 23/64).


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