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    Home Page / Products / Lato programme — Lato h 20 cm


    Lato h 20 cm, 2015 - Benedini Associati

    This line of storage units, made of different kinds of wood, is characterized by large dimensions and various finishings of the front panels.
    Cabinets, either with 20 or 40 cm height, can be combined with the new Ell washbasin – countertop and they can be fitted with other over countertop washbasins. Agape enriches with unexpected alternatives the tools for meeting the needs and, despite the consistency and aesthetic continuity, the new fields and trends of styles. Wood, marble, leather and glass are used in this sense for the front panels of the storage units.

    Dimensions: L cm 80-200 x 49 x h 20 or h 40 - 31”1/2-78”3/4 x 19”19/64 x h7”7/8 or 15”3/4


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