In the words of Marcio Kogan, the DR bathtub has been conceived with “the intention to create a friendly, sensual and charismatic object”. With its flowing lines and sheer size this tub brings more than a hint of voluptuous brazilian modernism right into your courtyard. The version in Cementoskin® is available both in a free-standing (with or without the outer cover in four pieces) and in a built-in version.
Variants available

Bathtub with external structure

Main Measurements


56.5 cm

22" 1/4 inches


139.5 cm

54" 59/64 inches


189.5 cm

74" 39/64 inches


Studio MK27

Studio MK27was founded at the beginning of the 80's by Marcio Kogan and today is joined by 22 architects, besides collaborators in numerous countries around the world. 

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Mariana Ruzante

Senior designer, part of Studio MK27.

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Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan (born March 6, 1952, São Paulo Brazil) graduated from the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University Presbyterian Mackenzie in 1976.

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