Agape Bathrooms

Agape in numbers

The history of Agape began in 1973 and it has crossed 50 years of evolution in design, architecture, technology and lifestyle, interpreting one of the most special rooms in the home, the bathroom. A space Agape sets at the heart of domestic life, the bathroom is devised to last through time and to conjure up profound sensations and emotions every day.

The Agape line is made entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials, carefully crafted detail and efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, as confirmed by its LEED certification.

Agape is about the project

Agape is about the project. We are architects at heart and we work with architects and designers to design objects to be part of an architecture. Often born from specific architectural needs, the products in our catalogue are capable of establishing intense relationships with the spaces that embrace them to become elements of a carefully curated vocabulary of architecture for the senses.

Agape is about timelessness

Agape is about timelessness. When it comes to bathroom architecture, timeless needs call for timeless solutions. Our projects and products defy the zeitgeist and passing trends to offer long lasting solutions thanks to the quality of our materials and to the adherence to good design principles that will never go out of fashion.

Agape is about being exquisitely Italian

Agape is about being exquisitely Italian.We are informal and hospitable. We are quintessentially international, yet we are deeply in love with our riverside headquarters between the Po and the Mincio near Renaissance Mantova.

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