Agape Bathrooms


The basin area is one of the most complex areas of the bathroom from a functional point of view. Our five systems, each in its own way, satisfy every functional and aesthetic need in well-organized compositions and with a very high degree of customization. Moving on the architectural scale and sharing its language, our systems integrate perfectly into the space that hosts them to celebrate your daily rituals.
Evo 21
Benedini Associati, 2021

Evo 21 is a program of shelves and wall mounted and modular containers that allow you to organize and furnish the environment, ranging vertically and horizontally. There is also a wide choice of front panels finishes: pre-composite wood, smooth lacquered wood or open-pore lacquered wood, to create the most diverse solutions, ideally combined with the Flat XL, Evoluzione and Lato systems.

Patricia Urquiola, 2018

Rigo, renewing the intense collaboration with Patricia Urquiola since 2004, becomes with its parallel beams running along the wall, the most recent manifestation of what Agape means by Bathroom Architecture.

Benedini Associati, 2015

A complete range of cabinets that can be paired with the Agape collection countertop washbasins. Versatile to please all tastes and trends, including the most innovative and original, the drawer fronts come in a variety of finishes: wood, marble, leather, or lacquered and coloured.

Flat XL
Benedini Associati, 2002

A huge collection of modular elements, designed by Benedini Associati: countertops in three different thicknesses, and support frames and storage units that integrate with Agape washbasins, decorating the bathroom with an endless range of compositions suitable for any shape, size or style of room.

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