Cartesio AVAS0980_00000

Bathtubs free-standing
Benedini Associati, 2009

Rectangular bathtub in white Cristalplant® with overflow hole. Tap units may be placed on the edge of the bathtub, on the wall or on the floor. Water supply from the inside of  the bathtub is possible too, via hole provided with ferrule in gloss stainless steel. Models for freestanding, corner, niche or built-in installations. The bathtub internal measures are 166 x 66 cm (65" 3/8 x 26") and its edges have a maximum width of 27 cm (10" 5/8). However, other measurements are also available (minimum width: 5 cm - 2"). The minimum width to install the tapware on the edge of the tub or an internal water supply is 15 cm (5" 7/8). In addition to the shown configurations, several variations are possible depending on edge width, presence of vertical finish panels or storage compartments. In your order please specify: the accessorized side, the type of tap holes, the position of the tapware, the presence of an interior water supply. It is mandatory to use waste trap .MET0477 or .MET0477C (.MET0434 or .MET0477C for bathtubs on display). For an easier installation of the bathtubs we recommend to use the template for the positioning of the waste trap AKITPZVAS.


Code - AVAS0980_00000

Typology - free-standing

Category - Bathtubs

Designer - Benedini Associati

Year - 2009

Main Measurements

Height - 55 cm - 21" 5/8 inches

Width - 176 cm - 69" 1/4 inches

Weight - 140 kg - 309 lbs

Depth - 76 cm - 29" 7/8 inches

Capacity - 306 l - 81 gal

Packaging - 90 x 190 x 68 cm - 35" 3/8 x 74" 6/8 x 26" 6/8 inches

Total weight - 200 kg - 441 lbs



White/dark grey

White/dark grey

White/light grey

White/light grey



Technical details

Main dimensions
Main dimensions<br>

Dimensions for recess
Dimensions for recess<br>

Dimensions for wall mounted taps
Dimensions for wall mounted taps<br>

Dimensions for freestanding spouts
Dimensions for freestanding spouts<br>

Dimensions for tap support
Dimensions for tap support<br>

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