Marsiglia is a bathtub of limited length which was born from the encounter of a contemporary material - the Cristalplant® biobased - and an object of the past, the memory of fragrances and shapes: a washhouse. It was a place where women once gathered to wash clothes in the vicinity of a waterway, normally made in stone or concrete, and a washtub was often used together with a wooden board. Marsiglia is particularly suitable for environments with reduced dimensions thanks to its regular shape and reduced length. The bathtub reinterprets some signs of memory: its broad surface that develops on the long side, is the major distinctive element. A slight slope in the surface allows water drain, and its profoundness and convenience allows adding even more objects and accessories in the bathroom.
Variants available

Freestanding bathtub

Main Measurements


57.5 cm

22" 41/64 inches


149 cm

58" 21/32 inches



Paolo Lucidi (1974) Luca Pevere (1977). They both graduated at Politecnico di Milano and they gained professional experience working with Marc Sadler and Marco Ferreri (2002 - 2006) for numerous international companies.

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