Agape Bathrooms

Design know-how and high craftmanship. Craft container system by Benedini Associati

In 1975, with Erion, Agape penned an unprecedented chapter in bathroom furnishing history.

Designed by Giampaolo Benedini, this modular system outlined a new architectural and design approach to bathrooms, through floor-standing furniture that was also available in a freestanding version, setting standards that would forever change the kitchen world during the same years.

Erion System, Benedini Associati, 1975.

Craft System


Today, that innovative and forward-thinking spirit inspires the new Craft system project, a unique range in Agape's collection of floor-standing storage furniture.

The furniture breaks away from the wall: its structural autonomy allows for the traditional wall installation, perfect contextualization in niches, and, above all, the independent island configuration.


Furniture becomes an architectural element in more freely designed spaces where it helps define the partitioning of areas. The finishes are precious, featuring all the materials from the Agape catalog and high-level craftsmanship.

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