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Undici and Undici Inox washbasins

The release of the Evo 21 system, also marks the debut of a new series of washbasins designed by Giampaolo Benedini: Undici and Undici Inox.

The new washbasins owe their name to the size shared by the different versions, the height of 11 cm (Undici means eleven in Italian). The shapes and dimensions of Undici are carefully calibrated for the widest compatibility with the new Evo 21 system.

Available in over-countertop or built-in versions, the washbasins can be made of solid surface (Undici) or stainless steel and brass (Undici Inox).

Made of solid surface, Undici is available in three different shapes: round, oval and rectangular. The manufacturing process is thermoforming, which involves bending and shaping, or printing the material, heating it at high temperatures so that it assumes the right flexibility and malleability.

All the variants of the Undici washbasins can be positioned, both in single and double configurations (with variable distance between centers), over all Agape countertops or integrated into the 12 mm Evo 21 solid surface tops. In this case, thanks to the particular finishing of the detail, the basins will not present visible joints with the top seamlessly integrating with it.

The Undici Inox washbasin is the AISI 304 stainless steel version of Undici basins.

In this case, the basin is shaped through plate turning, a process of deformation of a spinning metal plate with a disk that is pressed against the walls of the mold. The thickness of the steel of Undici Inox is 3 mm (as a reference, the steel used in the automotive industry are usually 0,7 mm thick) and gives a particular consistency and mechanical precision to the basin.

The versions with natural and burnished brass finishes are manufactured using the same production process but using brass instead of stainless steel.

The natural consequence of its particular processing (which allows only geometries with axial symmetry) is that Undici Inox is available only in the version with a circular shape.

Undici makes more than up for this with its wide range of finishes available: there are three standard ones (brushed stainless steel, natural brushed brass and brushed burnished). Opaque white, PVD Copper and PVD Gun Metal are available on request.

For further information, visit the page dedicated to the Undici and Undici Inox washbasins where you will find images and details for each variant of shape and finish.

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