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The Vitruvio mirror

The essential aesthetics of the Vitruvio mirror interprets classicism and illuminates without shadows.


The new mirror collection by García Cumini for Agape looks to classicism from a contemporary perspective of proportion and beauty. A simple circle inscribed in a square, evoking Leonardo's Vitruvian man, gives life to a new, essential symmetry.



The study of the backlighting is creative and takes inspiration from theatrical make-up mirrors while recalling the contemporary ring-lights used by youtubers. A LED light surrounds the reflecting surface and becomes a very pure line, capable of illuminating without creating shadows. The result is comfortable lighting that enhances the features of the face reflected in the mirror.

“In our projects we love to associate archetypes from different worlds. The Vitruvio concept combines a reinterpretation of the Vitruvian harmony for the aesthetics and the charm of the dressing room mirrors for lighting " – García Cumini

The mirrors are available in the three sizes of 60, 80 and 120 cm, freely combinable with each other and suitable for all spaces. A modularity that allows you to configure multiple compositions: multiple mirrors of the same size in sequence or geometric patterns created by combining mirrors of different sizes. Vitruvio debuted during the last edition of the Fuorisalone 2021 and will be featured in the Agape pricelist from January.

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