Has been working as a set designer for RAI television and from 1992 projects of fittings for public and civil buildings. In 1996 he is selected for the competition "The contemporary classic forniture" for the company Morelato and "Sings and drowings" for REX.
In 1998 he projects a set for the exibition "The island in the middle of the PO" for the Governament of the Region Lombardia.
In 1999 Agape company produces "Parentesi" a corner container for the shower.
In 2001 he founs the company A+Co producing forniture accessories and complements.
In 2003 he projects the Liz Table for the company Maxid and MisuraEmme select his collections of mounth blowed glass vases Blob.
In 2004 he founds the Spunklab design studio in Venice with Luca Nichetto and Gianpietro Gai. With Luca Nichetto he projects the Ray Chair also selected in the competition "Young & Design".
In 2004 with Luca Nichetto he projects the Lamp Jerry for Casamania.
In 2009 he founds Teamlumino a team of designers in the field of lighting.
From 2011 he cooperates with Champagne Marie Stuart in the creation of stands for the Exhibition Vinitaly (VR) Italy. Lives and works in Mestre (VE) alterning his work as a designer with some teaching sessions, togheter with pshycologists and educators in some Institutes Penitentiaries in the Venetian territory.

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