Agape Bathrooms
What happens when you interpret a design using a different material? How much does it affect the permanence of the form and the character of the object? This has been a research that Agape has been conducting for some time and it continues with the 004 washbasin. The semi-recessed basin, available in sizes from 60 to 120 cm, takes the essential design of the original version in glass and declines it in marble. Constructed with 15 mm slabs and with sloping shelf concealing the drain, thanks to the use of marble the linearity of the washbasin becomes visually striking and acquires a new, evocative physicality.
004 semi-recessed
004 - 100 cm semi-recessed washbasin
004 - 120 cm semi-recessed washbasin
004 - 60 cm semi-recessed washbasin
004 - 80 cm semi-recessed washbasin
004 over countertop
004 - 100 cm over countertop washbasin
004 - 120 cm over countertop washbasin
004 - 60 cm over countertop washbasin
004 - 80 cm over countertop washbasin
004 storage shelf
004 - Storage shelf

Benedini Associati

Benedini Associati was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the Benedini & Partners architecture firm. The main themes are interior design and architecture. It includes Bibi, Camilla, Giampaolo Benedini. Since 2013 Camilla decides to continue an independent professional path for the design of commercial and museum installations.

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