Agape Bathrooms
The Immersion washbasin, with its delicate, graceful shape, is the ideal complement for the homonym bathtub. The washbasin, available in a column or countertop version thanks to its  compact size is suitable for confined living spaces as well. The tub, Inspired by oriental baths, reinterprets ancient timber bathing vessels in a modern key, featuring a deeper than standard tub with a smaller footprint. There are two different ways to enjoy it: one allows full immersion of the entire body as if in thermal baths, whilst the other allows you to sit upright on a comfortable seat made of the same material as the bathtub or with iroko wood slats. An iroko wood step makes it easier to get into the bathtub. It can also be placed upright and used as a side table for everyday objects. A unique bathroom experience even in confined settings.
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