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New Products '21

With the new 2021 products, Agape deepens its exploration into the languages of balance and solidity. A balance, never rigid, that tends toward gentle and welcoming forms. A vision of the bathroom as an architecture of the senses and a space for wellness.

Good design is the unseen score of this symphony. Materials, functions and emotions following a process of lateral thinking that results in timeless works of design. Washbasins, faucets, furniture, bathtubs, lights and accessories designed to interact with each other in an open, natural dialogue.

Designed by Giampaolo Benedini, the new range of Evo 21 system was inspired by the simplicity of the trilith - the original architectural archetype. The system is designed for ultimate simplicity in configuration and installation, together with true compositional and aesthetic flexibility.

Starting from Evo 21, Giampaolo Benedini designs the new Raso, Undici and Undici Inox washbasins - all perfectly sized to work together with the new system. Patricia Urquiola adds new options to the wide range of Lariana washbasins.

For Agape, balance also means an exploration of geometry. The Vitruvio mirrors by García Cumini offer an elegant synthesis of round and rectangular.

Benedini Associati recalls the lines of the superellipse introducing the Seppia mirror, and adds new lateral options to the long-seller Narciso mirror range.

Patricia Urquiola’s design for the Limón tapware grafts two geometric elements into an surprising new object. Agape further develops the already rich and varied world of tapware with Memory Mix, designed by Benedini Associati. This collection, debuting a new brushed-nickel finish, introduces new features to the classic Memory line while keeping a clear continuity of form.

After an intense year, the 2021 additions are transversal to the Agape catalogue, in continuity with the spirit of the product range as a whole, never losing sight of the design of the bathroom architecture in its entirety.

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