Agape Bathrooms

residential. General renovation of a 60s house. The charm and existence of the house was taken into account with great sensitivity, some of the existing elements were renewed and the new furniture was coordinated accordingly. The continuous Pandomo floor allows the rooms to merge into each other. A uniform appearance with repetitive materials goes from the wardrobe, from the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms while the lighting concept has been created with functional light tracks and decorative lights. The main bathroom, with a garden view, features the Spoon XL bathtub and Memory taps by Benedini Associati.

Taps and shower heads

Memory Benedini Associati
Taps and shower heads for bathtub / for washbasin / for bathtub and shower

Spoon XL

Spoon XL Benedini Associati
Bathtubs freestanding

Spoon XL

Spoon XL Benedini Associati
Washbasins over countertop


M&G Innenarchitektur und Bauplanungs GmbH

Having a vision is one thing. To be able to implement them is just as important! For us, both go hand in hand: While Heinz Glatzl brings extraordinary ideas and planning expertise, Joachim Mayr works on detailed solutions and is a master of the right proportions and materials.

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