Agape Bathrooms

residential. Located in the lush neighbourhood of South Yarra  in Melbourne, this townhouse has acquired real personality thanks to acclaimed Australian firm, Hecker Guthrie. The design project involved kitchen and bathroom,  where materials and textures were studied with particular care, and the décor of the whole house, which now  bears the unmistakable mark of the architects’ studio.While the work carried out is evident, it is not overwhelming. The designers have contributed their  refined style and an almost “biographical” philosophy  of the house, transforming it into the story of those who  live there. The use of different textures redefines the spaces, creating new focal points such as the fireplace, emphasized by the wooden wall above it, and the kitchen. The colour palette includes very pale and almost monochrome tones, while the carefully designed illumination creates some essential contrasts between light and shade. The multidisciplinary approach of Hecker and Guthrie, who have always loved contamination between different  arts and skills and use them as a source of inspiration, is also visible in the way the refined decor is set off by the owners’ objets d’art. The overall effect is powerfully cohesive, with strictly defined spaces that serve to determine a relaxed but elegant feel.The bathroom also underwent radical changes. Designed in harmony with the rest of the house, it is  now a fitting location for the simple lines of the In-Out bowl, designed by Benedini Associati and characterized by its ample circular basin, slender rim and cylindrical support. The matt finish of the washbasin creates a pleasing contrast with the colour and texture of the wooden floor.


Hecker Guthrie

The studio of Hecker Guthrie is a multi-disciplinary practice, based in Melbourne Australia.

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