residential. Built high up on the Greek island of Skiathos,  Plane House becomes part of the landscape, capturing  a breathtaking view that seems to stretch endlessly  before the eye.“The summer house is not a functional house,  it is a beautiful house. Its beauty becomes its function.  The design should simultaneously comfort and excite.  After all, that’s what holidays are all about”. This is the concept at the heart of the design project by the Athens-based K-Studio, owned by architects and brothers Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis, for the holiday home  of their friend Achilleas Mourtzouchos. The distinctive element of Plane House is the  sense of a single continuous space between exterior  and interior, an uninterrupted dialogue made even more tangible by the large tree embedded in the geometry  of the roof overhanging the front terrace.The entire house is designed with this relationship in mind. The dining area is situated beyond the wall  of glass of the living room facing the exterior via a long, broad patio. The infinity pool also follows the same logic, the water merging with the blue of the horizon.The materials, particularly the raw concrete of the interiors, are carefully chosen to recall the natural characteristics of the environment: the stone walls of the exterior, wooden floors and smooth white pebbles found again inside the bathroom on the first floor.Here, the white stones form a large square at the base of Ufo, the large circular steel, two-tone, spacious bathtub with white Exmar back-rest, and  Fez taps. Completing the décor are Raso washbasins  with their deep bowls set into a white Exmar surface.


K Studio

K-STUDIO is a design practice rooted in Architecture.

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