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residential. When James Houston and Brian Mc-Grory commissioned Rogers Marvel to design their home they never imagined they would have had such an emotionally stimulating experience, which was to become the background for thoughts shared by James in his blog The Houston Effect.Surrounded by a dense forest of maples and pines, beside a lake in Sullivan County, upstate New York,  Timber Lake House is a haven from the hustle and bustle  of the world, where you can forget the stress of work and social commitments of Manhattan, only a few hours away.The house is built using local materials. Wood and slate on floors and walls return as decorative elements in many of the details scattered about in the different living areas. The organization of space is linear and functional, while furniture and accessories are highly refined and represent an expert combination of East and West. The centerpiece of Timber Lake House is the day area, which literally dominates the landscape with its huge floor to ceiling windows, a distinctive trait of the entire project. This home exists in total harmony with its surroundings. Yet there is also something of the small fortress about it that conveys a sense of protection and welcome. It is a place to retreat to in contemplation of nature, without the hardships. The ground floor has a super-accessorized kitchen and secluded areas for  guests. On the upper floor is a large master bedroom, private bathroom designed as a spa, and a yoga room  for the wellbeing of the owners.Designed as a continuous space, the bedroom  and bathroom occupy the whole floor, without interruption. The area is bathed in light thanks to the glass along the whole of one wall. Positioned right here, with a breathtaking view of the woods in front, is the Spoon XL bathtub, made in white Cristaplant® biobased, whose warm and velvety texture is ideal for the deep tub and linear design. Echoing these shapes not far away is the Spoon XL washbasin which despite its size retains an essential and embracing elegance. Together the two pieces, designed by Benedini Associati, add to the aura of refined relaxation that characterizes the room and the house as a whole. 

Spoon XL

Spoon XL Benedini Associati
Bathtubs freestanding

Spoon XL

Spoon XL Benedini Associati
Washbasins over countertop


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