Ell is a programme of washbasins designed by Benedini Associati Andrés Jost, Diego Cisi. Characterised by light touch and high configurability, Ell is made of white Corian® (Glacier White) or Carrara white marble, Carnic gray, Marquina black, Alpi green or dark Emperador. Upon request, and after technical evaluation, other Corian® colours and types of marble are possible. The Ell top is available in support on the containers of the Lato programme. The front edge is shaped to facilitate the opening of the drawers, while the side edges are vertical and they allow using the top in the niche. Resting on the Lato containers, it is available with a minimum length of 80 cm (31” 1/4) and a maximum length of 260 cm (102” 23/64), The recesses are freely positioned along the whole length of the top complying with the distances from the edges and those between the recesses and they are complete with grill. The basin is not fitted with drain.

Benedini Associati

Benedini Associati was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the Benedini & Partners architecture firm. The main themes are interior design and architecture. It includes Bibi, Camilla, Giampaolo Benedini. Since 2013 Camilla decides to continue an independent professional path for the design of commercial and museum installations.

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Diego Cisi

Diego Cisi deals with the architectural project and the design of domestic objects.

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Andrés Jost

Multifield designer with a background experience in marketing and distribution of design products.

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Awards and acknowledgments
"Best Interior Product, 2016 AZ Awards" Award

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