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Ottocento - ACER0802_

Washbasins wall mounted
Benedini Associati, 2022

Washbasin in white or two-coloured Cristalplant® biobased (matt painted exterior in dark grey RAL7021 or light grey RAL 7044), without tap hole, or with 1 or 3 holes for tapware units. Without overflow, fixing kit included. Designed for waste .MET0563. Available in the console version with two integrated washbasins (with a fixed centre distance of 90 cm). Also made of white or two-colour biobased Cristalplant®, it is 160 cm wide and is supported by a steel structure painted in white (RAL9003) or black (RAL9005). The Ottocento console table is equipped with a large shelf under the washbasin made of painted MDF; the finish is the same as the outside of the basin.

Note: Washbasins and structures are also available with colours chosen by the customer with an additional charge of 15%; for the washbasin on the price for the two- coloured finish (custom colour only possible on the outside); for the structure on the price of the white finish. Different finishes of the structure are possible too, with price to be calculated.


Code - ACER0802_

Family - Ottocento

Typology - wall mounted

Category - Washbasins

Collection - Milano 2022,Memory

Designer - Benedini Associati

Year - 2022

Main Measurements

Height - 84 cm - 33" 1/16 inches

Length - 160 cm - 63" inches

Weight - 35 kg - 77 lbs

Depth - 50 cm - 19" 11/16 inches

Packaging - 168 x 57,4 x 25 cm + 180 x 80 x 40 cm - 70" 7/8 x 21" 1/2 x 15" 3/4 + 20" 4/8 x 24" 3/8 x 10" 2/8 inches

Total weight - 60 kg - 132 lbs

solid surface

solid surface



White/dark grey

White/dark grey

White/light grey

White/light grey

Technical details

Main dimensions

<div>Main dimensions</div><div><br></div>

Installation notes

<div>Installation notes</div><div><br></div>
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