Entirely carved from a single block of marble, Lito 1 takes the form of an upside down “L” with a particularly gently dished bowl. The personality of an internationally famous architect and designer transforms the bathroom into an avant-garde design. Made of white Carrara marble, the washbasin can be delivered also in stone or marble types on demand.

Available models

Rectangular wall mounted washbasin in white Carrara marble with support on the floor, without tap holes and overflow, complete with fixing kit. Designed to take waste .MET0563 or .MET0418L.

Height 85 cm 33" 3/8 inches
Width 55 cm 21" 5/8 inches
Length cm inches
Diameter cm inches
Weight 190 kg 419 lbs
Packaging cm 24" 3/8 x 27" 4/8 x 43" 2/8 inches
Gross Weight 236 kg 520 lbs
White Carrara

White Carrara

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