Agape Bathrooms

The 2024 collection

New intersections between design, materials and architecture.

Agape delves into the function of beauty and the beauty of functionality, designing new ways of living and experiencing the bathroom space with contributions from Patricia Urquiola, Benedini Associati, and Alessandro Andreucci, and introduces a new collaboration with Vismaravetro.

The ancestral allure of clay.

Cenote bathtub


The Cenote bathtub, with its pure, rounded rectangular geometry and a thicker edge than its base, shapes the deep and ancestral charm of Spanish black earth.

The expressive power of lava stone.

Cenote Lava bathtub


The Cenote Lava bathtub emerges from a design and manufacturing challenge, crafted from volcanic rock.  

Design know-how and high craftmanship.

Craft system


Furniture becomes an architectural element in more freely designed spaces where it helps define the partitioning of areas.

The archetype of classicism according to Agape.

Memory Classic


Adopting an authentically classic vocabulary and true to the gestures of yesteryear, Memory Classic expands the Memory collection by originally interpreting its nostalgic language.

Architectures of light and reflections.

Nudo XL equipped boiserie


Agape broadens its exploration of the bathroom environment, embedding both ancient and modern functionalities into the wall.

Flexible space organization.

Div partition system


Agape introduces a new component in its architectural vision of the bathroom environment, with the Div partition system, developed in partnership with Vismaravetro and designed by Castiglia Associati. 

New perspectives.

Ted side table


The collection welcomes the expansion of the Ted series by Daniele Dalla Pellegrina.

A gesture, and space appears and disappears. Voilà


The Voilà storage family, designed by Alessandro Andreucci for Agape, welcomes a new sliding opening configuration with a static mirror.

New possibilities, new elements.



The DR system is expanding with new possibilities and new elements, adding a new structure to its components.

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