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The new Evo 21 system

Evo 21 is Agape’s entry level modular system for wall-mounted monolithic compositions with closed containers and elevated storage capacity.

The programme, designed by Benedini Associati, gives a new lecture to notable architectural archetypes such as the trilithic system that highlights the enclosure of its clean volume, deconstructed in surfaces through subtle and measured design gestures.

The linear development of Evo 21 is further underlined by the groove handles that run through the whole length of the composition. Available in different colors, the same grooves can have different finishes, further contributing to the overall graphic configuration of the whole.

Evo 21 is quite linear when it comes to its configuration as well: the system has been developed to ensure maximum simplicity during the design phase and installation. An Evo 21 composition is the simple sum of its key elements by juxtaposition: countertops, side panels, container modules become building blocks of a vaste array of possibilities.

The simplicity of Evo 21 and its compatibility with the rest of the Agape catalogue is ensured by its modularity. The container units are available in lengths of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm. By placing one or more modules next to each other the length of the overall composition can range from 80 to 240 cm.

Evo 21 introduces a new set of vertical dimensions for its containers that can be 30, 40 or 70 cm tall resulting in compositions with refined proportions and high containment capacity.

The flexibility of Evo 21 is not limited to its extensive modularity: each container can be made to measure. The system doesn't include compensation elements to ensure a maximum formal cleanliness and the best use of the containment spaces.

Flexibility also means easy installation. Evo 21 adapts with its volume to any installation situation allowing the management of the hydraulic parts directly in the space available behind the drawers. This allows to accommodate the existing position of the drain and have maximum freedom in the placement of taps and washbasins.


Evo 21 is configured as the ideal choice not only for complete projects but also for light renovations that do not involve structural interventions. 

The great variety of finishes available allow Evo 21 to easily adapt to the spirit of the architectural project intended to welcome it. Evo 21 also introduces new finishes such as open pore lacquers and includes a wide choice for each element ranging from wood to Solid surface and marble for unique combinations for each composition.

Flexibility is also compatibility: around Evo 21 Giampaolo Benedini designs the new washbasins Raso, Undici and Undici Inox, all perfectly functional in size to the structure of the system. In addition to these, the new program is compatible with all the washbasins in the wide Agape catalogue.

For further information, please visit the the chapter of our online catalogue dedicated to Evo 21 where you'll find images and details for every component of the new system.

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