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Cenote Lava, like the rest of the Cenote family, has been designed by Patricia Urquiola with great attention to the materials and the manufacturing processes. Far removed from mainstream decorative style, each washbasin is carved from a single block of lava stone, showcasing its natural, dark color and unique, pleasingly smooth texture. Each washbasin is unique and distinctive combining high-quality craftsmanship with the rugged beauty of lava stone. Available in two sizes to suit different needs and preferences, Cenote Lava features a consistent texture inside and out, letting the dark color of the stone add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.
Cenote Lava over countertop
Cenote Lava - Over countertop washbasin h 16,4 cm
Cenote Lava - Over countertop washbasin h 12,4 cm
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Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola studied architecture and design at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Technical University of Madrid) and completed her studies at the Politecnico di Milano (Technical University of Milan) where graduated under the mentorship of Achille Castiglioni. In Spain, she was awarded the Golden Medal for Merits in Art and received the Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic.In 2001 she founded her own studio where she specialised in industrial product design, architecture (hotel trade, retail, homes, exhibitions and installations), art direction and strategy consulting.

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