Agape Bathrooms

residential. Located in the ancient city of Jaffa, a few kilometres from Tel Aviv, this apartment of 100 square meters overlooks the harbour which, according to the Old Testament, saw  the landing of the Lebanese cedar wood used to build the Temple of Solomon.It was this unique setting, the remarkable historical value of its surroundings and the building in which it is housed that guided the hand of Israeli architects’ studio, Pitsou Kedem, who recently carried out the renovation.It was decided to rediscover the original shape and materials of this centuries-old building, which has over  time undergone many changes and transformations.  With its later additions removed, the walls, impressive  arches and vaults now reveal their pure beauty once again. The authentic appearance of the exterior has also been restored to disclose the clean lines of the building, which match with surprising ease the wholly contemporary minimalism of the Pitsou Kedem style.The spirit of renovation shifts between these two poles: on one hand there is total respect for the historical importance of the area, particularly evident in the rediscovery of the materials (including the combination of ceramic  and sand) and authentic textures; on the other hand  there is a powerful desire for a contemporary look,  especially clear in the new layout of the interior. Now opened up to flow more freely, the living,  kitchen and dining areas become one dynamic continuum, and the single curved wall of the transparent Parapan® Chiocciola shower, designed by Benedini Associati  - with its shape inspired by nature and extreme simplicity  of its design – enters the bedroom in perfect harmony.The overall effect of the house is that of an urban loft, with elements of stainless steel and iron, where the furnishings, windows and doors are modern, but whose historical ancestry and almost ascetic language is clearly perceptible. The dichotomy of styles and periods of this apartment blend perfectly to form an outstandingly  successful balance.


Pitsou Kedem Architects

Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio opened in 2000 and today consists of 11 architects. The studio is responsible for the design and planning of many projects in Israel and lately, also in Europe.

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