Agape Bathrooms

residential. For two years architect and interior designer Bernd Gruber accompanied the buyer on a hunt for the ideal place in which to position a chalet that would fit in ideally with the landscape. The choice fell on the Tyrolean Alps, near Jochberg: not far from where Gruber himself had  turned his father’s carpentry business into a well-known architectural firm, known in particular for its chalet production. Focused on a dialogue with the surroundings, theentire project was motivated by an inner need to return to nature. The living spaces are designed to maximize the light, with large windows opening wide and both interior and exterior materials mainly sourced from the natural world: on the facade, local stone and spruce alternate with metal items such as those of the balconies and windows; on the inside the floors are made of stone or wood. The fireplace with its large metal hood dominates the living area, while the kitchen is distinguished by its specially designed concrete tiles set in to the wooden floor.

The overall elegance is determined by the superb quality of the furnishings and lighting, all tailored to the different rooms of the house. In the master bathroom the plasticity of the Spoon XL bathtub, designed by Benedini Associati for Agape and made in white Cristalplant® biobased provides the perfect complement to the style of the chalet while offering a relaxing view of the Wilder Kaiser. The brushed anodized aluminum taps from the Sen line designed by Gweneal Nicolas represent an equally minimalist synthesis of Eastern spirit and Western technology and are here combined with other accessories, including the Stairs extra resting up against the wall.

Accessories and extras

Sen Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity
Accessories and extras shelves


Stairs Benedini Associati
Accessories and extras towel holders

Taps and shower heads

Sen Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity
Taps and shower heads for bathtub

Spoon XL

Spoon XL Benedini Associati
Bathtubs freestanding


Bernd Gruber

In 1992, Bernd Gruber took over his father’s carpentry business, which had already been in operation for 30 years, and began restructuring it according to his own ideas.

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