Agape Bathrooms

residential. The redesign of a large Victorian mansion in the eastern suburbs of Sydney provides the chance for a significant extension, designed by Italian architect Luigi Rosselli. A comprehensive development closely linked to the original spaces led to the construction of a new wing, whose appearance stands out clearly and unequivocally both inside and outside, with no uneasy comparison between the different periods. Located next to the house is a clean two-storey space, connected to the original building by a contemporary structure fully panelled in glass. The first floor of the new building houses a family room and a kitchen, while the upper level accommodates the bedrooms of the staff and a large study. The two areas of the house remain faithful to their respective identities while maintaining a harmonious relationship. The shift between the living room with its white wood panelling and white marble fireplace and the minimalist style of the new wing occurs naturally. Even the choice of materials follows this philosophy, so that those used for the new work are decidedly contemporary and chosen for their energysaving characteristics. To cool the rooms, for example, it was developed a geothermal system that uses the low temperatures of the subsoil. In perfect harmony with the environment, one of the bathrooms features the Novecento bathtub, in white Cristalplant(R) biobased, an eco-sustainable material that like other choices made by the owners during the renovation reveals their care for the environment. With its clean, harmonious shapes, the piece evokes just to the right degree the atmosphere of bathrooms of the last century.


Luigi Rosselli Architects

Based in Sydney, Australia, Luigi Rosselli Architects take a humanist approach to architecture and design.

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