Agape Bathrooms

residential. Space for a young creative couple, divided into different functional areas, each with its own private terrace. The living room with an island sofa and a projection on the wall, a dining room with an unusual table for seven and a minimalist kitchen are combined in one space. The bedroom is designed as a single and secluded space for two, combined with a bathroom and a dressing room. The character of the interior is based on soft contrasts in which rough and soft textures, simple and sonorous materials, cold and warm tones are harmoniously combined. An industrial character and many different materials, where the interior is very soft, warm and welcoming. The bathroom space hosts numerous Agape products such as the compact Cuna bathtub by Patricia Urquiola, the free-standing Ell sink and much more.


Bucatini Ermanno Righi, Fabio Bortolani
Mirrors with light


Cuna Patricia Urquiola
Bathtubs freestanding


Ell Benedini Associati, Diego Cisi, Andrés Jost
Washbasins integrated into the top

Taps and shower heads
Fez 2

Fez 2 Benedini Associati
Taps and shower heads for bathtub


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