About Agape

The history of Agape began in 1973 and it has crossed over 40 years of evolution in design, architecture, technology and lifestyle, interpreting one of the most special rooms in the home, the bathroom. A space Agape sets at the heart of domestic life, the bathroom is devised to last through time and to conjure up profound sensations and emotions every day.

The Agape line is made entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials, carefully crafted detail and efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, as confirmed by its LEED certification.

Design culture

Agape was founded in 1973 by the Benedini family. During these 40 years of experience in the bathroom sector the two brothers, both architects, have taken turns in running the business. Designer of many of the company’s most successful products, Giampaolo has played a key role in creating new concept of bathroom: from indispensable room to fundamental part of contemporary living.

Since the 1990s Emanuele has been responsible for running the company, successfully keeping the beauty of the collections constant; giving space to the products designed by his brother as well as working with some of the most interesting designers currently on the international scene. He has given the company international status, producing an export turnover of approximately 70% of the total. Agape was the first to offer a complete range of products and accessories for the bathroom, conceived as an architectural space.

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Made in Italy

To address the needs and characteristics of its projects Agape, helped by its strategic location, selects the best suppliers in Italy, the most suitable materials and the most effective production processes to provide a quality level that surpasses the market standard. Agape favours partnerships with companies and artisans who share its passion for research and innovation, thereby enabling it to achieve unique solutions with a strong identity that through time have become design icons. Real Made in Italy, the union between creative talent and quality.

A space for wellbeing

Mantua, where the company headquarters are located, sits in the middle between Milan, capital of fashion and design, and the Emilia region, a place where pleasures and quality of life have been consolidated over the centuries, and the Veneto region, which embodies the innovation and efficient manufacturing that characterises the Made in Italy brand. Agape is a perfect combination of these three worlds. From the formula aesthetics + passion + innovation springs a new interpretation of well-being, whereby time is seen as a break in routine, as a studied pause consecrated to moments uniquely for us.

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Attentive to each stage of the production process, Agape studies complete design proposals, from consultation with the designer right through to production, logistics of the finished product and installation. All of these are the result of a meticulous research for codes of expression whose aesthetic appearance, material and functional quality will all last well into the future.

Ours is a sustainable approach that respects the principles of sustainability: technical and aesthetic durability, committed management of energy and material resources, research into materials and solutions to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible for people and the environment.

In this perspective Agape, in collaboration with Habitech and TÜV Italy, mapped its products according to the standards of LEED® certification, anticipating the use of new eco-certified sustainable materials. In addition to those traditionally used, all of high quality and produced in Italy, Agape was the first to include in its catalogue numerous products made of ®Cristalplant biobased. This ecological Solid surface is innovative in its composition, technical characteristics and performance and hes an added plus: it can be easily restored and recycled.