The mirror Solid recalls a drop of molten metal, but it is made of blown glass: a technique with millennial tradition, combined with the industrial treatment of “metal coating” that makes the surface become a mirror when the light is switched off and lets the light pass when it is switched on.

Available models

Round mirror with frame in metallic blown glass treated with metal coating which makes the surface reflecting and permeable to light, also available in version without light. Lighting is built into the frame of the mirror.

The blowing technique was created by hand, therefore any bubbles or impurities on the surface should be considered particular detail on the item.

Height cm inches
Width cm inches
Length cm inches
Diameter 60.5 cm 23" 13/16 inches
Weight kg lbs
Packaging cm inches
Gross Weight kg lbs

T5 - 2GX13 - 55W/827
12/220-240 - CE

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File 3D .zip 3.32 MB
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