Agape Bathrooms

residential. For Grand Canal Penthouse, Dublin based studio and Agape dealer Realm, chose the refinement of the Agape products. Framed by walls and floors in precast Terrazzo slabs, the bathroom spaces host the Evo-E1 systems with wall-mounted Square tap, Bjhon 1 washbasin, Pear 2 sanitary ware and more from our wide catalogue.

In collaboration with:
Realm Concepts Ltd, Dublin 2, Ireland
T. +353 1 4804400

Bjhon 1

Bjhon 1 Angelo Mangiarotti
Washbasins column

Accessories and extras
Dot Line

Dot Line García Cumini
Accessories and extras clothes hangers / shelves


Surf Benedini Associati
Accessories and extras containers

Sanitary ware
Pear 2

Pear 2 Patricia Urquiola
Sanitary ware wall mounted bidet


Solid Diego Vencato, Marco Merendi
Mirrors with light

Taps and shower heads

Square Benedini Associati
Taps and shower heads for washbasin


Realm Concepts Ltd.

At Realm, we combine our design expertise with a systematic approach to meticulously deliver every new project. We draw together all the elements of a successful design project in one seamless workflow.
At our design studio, we will sit down with you and clearly identify your needs in terms of both function and style. 

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