Agape Bathrooms


Angelo Mangiarotti is one of the big names in twentieth-century Italian design, who successfully assimilated the ideals of the modernist movement and surpassed them with experimental and original works. Mangiarotti ably applied his truly unique flair from architecture to design, and while he was a strong advocate of rigorous functionalism, he never failed to pursue elegance and beauty through his design ideas, extending into sculpture, through a knowing reflection on tactile and formal values brilliantly unifying the eternal dualism between ethics and aesthetics.

Bjhon 1

Bjhon 1 Angelo Mangiarotti
Washbasins column / over countertop

Bjhon 2

Bjhon 2 Angelo Mangiarotti
Washbasins over countertop / column

Lito 1

Lito 1 Angelo Mangiarotti
Washbasins column

Lito 2

Lito 2 Angelo Mangiarotti
Washbasins column

Lito 3

Lito 3 Angelo Mangiarotti
Washbasins column

Accessories and extras

Cavalletto Angelo Mangiarotti
Accessories and extras seats

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