Agape Bathrooms
Shower tray available in white Ceramilux® with matt finish, 3 cm thickness, or in marble in white Carrara, black Marquina or grey Carnic finish, 4 cm thickness. With customisable dimensions and the possibility of insetting into the floor, this solution is highly flexible and adapts to any situation. Perfect to complete Flat D, Flat DX and Plan-a showers.
PDX shower tray
PDX - Custom built shower tray with square basin
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with rectangular basin (fix width 1300 mm - 51” 3/16)
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Shower tray with standard dimension
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Shower tray in marble with standard dimension
PDX - Custom built shower tray with central drain and rectangular basin (700 x 1500 mm - 27” 9/16 x 59” 1/16)
Certifications: CSA
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