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Showers and shower trays shower tray

Shower tray made in marble with standards or customized dimensions. The edges of the standard shower tray is of 50 mm on each side. PDX is included of a syphon with a plate in steel painted white to cover the drain (RAL9003). The shower trays PDX can be combined with the showers Plan-a and Flat D type DX (maximum dimension of the shower equal to the dimension of the shower tray) or with a shower chosen by the client.

Note: X 70 / 100 cm (27" 9/16 - 39" 3/8)
Y 90 / 160 cm (35" 1/2 - 63")

PDX in marble is available in the options white Carrara, black Marquina and grey Carnic; it can also be supplied in stone or marble at the customer’s request with a cost to be estimated.


Code - APDX_UB4_

Family - PDX

Typology - shower tray

Category - Showers and shower trays

Designer -

Year - 2012

Main Measurements

Height - 3 cm - 1" 3/16 inches



White Carrara

White Carrara

Grey Carnico

Grey Carnico

Black Marquina

Black Marquina

Other PDX Showers and shower trays variants
PDX - Shower tray with standard dimension
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with square basin
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with rectangular basin (fix width 1300 mm - 51” 3/16)
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with central drain and rectangular basin (700 x 1500 mm - 27” 9/16 x 59” 1/16)
Certifications: CSA
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