Agape Bathrooms
A circle inscribed in a square. García Cumini’s new collection of mirrors designed for Agape reinterprets classical style through a contemporary understanding of proportion and beauty. Like in theatre mirrors, an LED light surrounds the reflective surface, creating a clean line that illuminates without casting shadows. Vitruvio is available in three sizes - 60, 80 and 120 cm. They can be freely mix-and-matched, and are perfect for any type of space. A modular concept, suited to many varied and “reflective” compositions.
Vitruvio with light
Vitruvio - Mirror L 120 cm
Vitruvio - Mirror L 60 cm
Vitruvio - Mirror L 80 cm

García Cumini

García Cumini is the result of a merger of two cultures with a multi-disciplinary approach, whereby design, installations and Art Direction follow the personal philosophy of Slow Design. 

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