Narciso H 60 cm (23" 5/8) ANAR_0_0_LH_

Mirrors with light
Benedini Associati, 2003

Modular rectangular mirror with visible hinges in polished stainless steel, with height 60 (23” 5/8). Divided into three elements with polished edges and safety film. Central element with standard or custom measures; two-sided adjustable lateral elements in two widths: 20 (7” 7/8) or 40 cm (15” 3/4). The central element is available with LED lights placed behind the mirror, above and below the reflecting surface. Optional switch always positioned at the centre of the bottom edge. The light strips are equipped with an opal diffuser, which in addition to covering the direct visibility of light sources, diffuses and evenly distributes the light. The mirror is fixed to the wall by means of screws and wall plugs. This version is also available in a 110V version; simply add the letter U at the end of the code. The value of the mirrors is not compromised.

Note: Central part length: cm 80 / 240 (25" 5/8 - 94" 1/2)
Side element length: cm 20 / 40 (7" 7/8 -15" 3/4)


Code - ANAR_0_0_LH_

Typology - with light

Category - Mirrors

Designer - Benedini Associati

Year - 2003

Main Measurements

Height - 60 cm - 23” 5/8 inches

Depth - 3.8 cm - 1" 1/2 inches

Technical details

Main dimensions
Main dimensions
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