Agape Bathrooms
Almost twenty years from the release of its first version, the Raso washbasin debuts in the newfangled over-countertop version for every Agape container system. The new washbasin evolves its lines, details and dimensions while remaining faithful to the clean geometries that made the original version so iconic and versatile at the same time. Raso over-countertop is available in one size in thermoformed acrylic solid surface or in marble, in the following finishes: white Carrara, gray Carnic, black Marquina, green Alpi, Emperador dark and Petit Granit.
Raso integrated into the top
Raso - Worktop 12 mm thick, with built-in Raso washbasin
Raso - Worktop 12 mm thick, with double built-in Raso washbasin
Raso over countertop
Raso - Rectangular over countertop washbasin

Benedini Associati

Benedini Associati was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the Benedini & Partners architecture firm. The main themes are interior design and architecture. It includes Bibi, Camilla, Giampaolo Benedini. Since 2013 Camilla decides to continue an independent professional path for the design of commercial and museum installations.

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