Collections are one way to read your way into our all-encompassing catalogue. They are transversal themes running through our product range, crossing functional, typological and aesthetic categories while highlighting specific narratives. From the Caribbean islands to the bathrooms of times past, from the great masters of Milanese architecture to the new frontiers of the bathroom environment, discover below the stories within our vast catalogue.


In a world where the conventional “ambiences” tend to escape from the traditionally functional definitions and become environment-opportunities with many different uses, the new Agape Outdoor Collection blurs the boundaries even further becoming ideal extension of the bathroom experience.
The Collection includes a selection of products, which, due to the nature of their materials, use or innovation, represent the first elements of a new project that Agape faces with its traditional care and passion.


A combination of Eastern spirit and Western technology, the Sen collection incorporates multiple functions in a line of independent components which can be freely combined to make a distinct statement, that create a single, essential line in the bathroom, with a surprisingly style and versatility.


Angelo Mangiarotti is one of the big names in twentieth-century Italian design, who successfully assimilated the ideals of the modernist movement and surpassed them with experimental and original works. Mangiarotti ably applied his truly unique flair from architecture to design, and while he was a strong advocate of rigorous functionalism, he never failed to pursue elegance and beauty through his design ideas, extending into sculpture, through a knowing reflection on tactile and formal values brilliantly unifying the eternal dualism between ethics and aesthetics.


We all have, in our mind’s eye, a picture of the bathrooms of times past. Softly rounded tubs that envelope you in an almost maternal embrace.  An atmosphere of sophisticated bourgeois elegance with a touch of intimate sensuousness. Agape has revived these models, imbuing them with modern, clean lines and exploiting the functional qualities of a contemporary material. Something completely new, but with deep aesthetic and cultural roots, to create a new modern bathroom.


The soft and generous lines are the main features of the Pear collection designed by Patricia Urquiola, which marks, in the 2004, the beginning of an intense collaboration between the Italian-Spanish designer and Agape. Enriching itself over the years with new proposals, today the Pear collection includes washbasins and sanitary ware with a simple and harmonious design but always impressive.


The Spoon collection born in 1998 with the unmistakable egg-shaped bathtub with a strong and welcoming personality, which then became an authentic icon of contemporary design among the most imitated on the market. The range was completed in 2002 with the countertop and semi-recessed basin and then further extended with the Spoon XL bathtub and washbasins and the recent Sppon M bathtub.


A collection born from a deep and intense collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. Designed for the W Retreat Spa on the island of Vieques in the Caribbean, Vieques, also available in the XS version, aims to reinterpret objects from the past, drawing inspiration from the historic tin bathtubs. The sink, freestanding or over countertop,  follows the traces impressed by the tub, capturing same materials, finishes and styles.