Agape Bathrooms

With the 2023 collection, Agape celebrates 50 years of design culture

2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Agape in 1973. Fifty years of patient, steady and focused work on designing one of the most intimate parts of the domestic landscape.

Cenote freestanding washbasin in dark clay with Limón tap, both designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Project after project, we went on challenging conventions with our informal inventiveness, always faithful to the peculiar rhythms and ways of the Mantuan countryside. Project after project, we have continued to refine our language to get closer and closer to our vision for the bathroom. This year we continued the progressive enhancement of our vocabulary to expand the horizon of the allowed possibilities and to make the most out of every spatial opportunity.

Bloque system in lava stone with Cenote countertop washbasin in dark clay. Limón wall mounted tap. Design Patricia Urquiola.

New arrivals also for Sen, Agape’s iconic product family that has been radically challenging standard ways of thinking about faucets and accessories since 2008. An intimate, evocative and timeless dialogue able to blend striking expressive shapes, great compositional freedom and an elegant simplicity of form.

Sen wall mounted swivel shower head and wall mounted lighting. Design Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity.

We present you the freestanding Cenote (design Patricia Urquiola) and Undici Inox (design Benedini Associati) washbasins, two markedly material landmarks of the home environment. Such remarkable elements could not exist without a flexible and universal connective tissue embodied by the poetic assembly of the new Bloque system designed by Patricia Urquiola. Cartesian rigorousness made gentle and sensual for virtually limitless configurations. On the other end of the spectrum, Ventiquaranta (design LucidiPevere) deals with the very small with the usual wit, never loosing sight of our pragmatic functionalism.

Undici Inox freestanding washbasin and Fez 2 wall mounted tap, both painted orange. Design Benedini Associati.

Ventiquaranta washbasin in two versions. Design LucidiPevere.

Building on a year of experience of using them in our projects, 2023 sees incremental improvements for the recently introduced Rendez-vous (design Marco Carini) and Face à face (design Jean Nouvel Design) families, making them even more adaptable and expressive in the hands of a designer.

Rendez-vous bench and daybed. Design Marco Carini.

Face à Face washbasins in wall and countertop versions in white Carrara marble. Design Jean Nouvel Design.

Sometimes, newly acquired experience gets projected further back to the timeline of our fifty year history. We rethink our ideas. We apply new technologies, fresh scenarios and new skills to icons from our vast repertoire. Thus the 028 mirror cabinet (design Benedini Associati) evolves our long-seller 027 (design Benedini Associati) with particular attention to contemporary use cases while the 004 (design Benedini Associati) washbasin translates the iconic 003’s (design Benedini Associati) ephemeral transparency into the evocative physicality of marble.

Mirror cabinet 028. Design Benedini Associati.

Just as Le Corbusier, we believe that patient research is a necessary precondition for good design. Observing and understanding the needs and habits of the people, refining every detail no matter how small, relentlessly pushing the boundaries, all take time. Fifty years. And counting.

Semi-recessed washbasin 004. Design Benedini Associati.

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