Agape Bathrooms
The Flat DX program combines the lightness and cleanliness of Flat D showers with great ease of installation that does not require masonry work. The 8 mm glass panels are supported by vertical profiles to be fixed to the masonry, without the need for recessing. The exclusive integration of the shower heads in the support bars and the ability to position them freely along the entire length of the glass further contribute to the reduction of the elements of the shower which can thus boast great aesthetic and functional versatility.
Flat DX niche
Flat DX - Niche shower - XG1
Flat DX corner
Flat DX - Corner shower - XC1
Flat DX - Corner shower - XC2
Flat DX - Corner shower - XC3
Flat DX - Corner shower - XC4
Flat DX - Corner shower - XC5
Flat DX - Corner shower - XG1
Flat DX - Corner shower - XG2
Other Flat DX
Taps and shower heads

Taps and shower heads


Benedini Associati

Benedini Associati was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the Benedini & Partners architecture firm. The main themes are interior design and architecture. It includes Bibi, Camilla, Giampaolo Benedini. Since 2013 Camilla decides to continue an independent professional path for the design of commercial and museum installations.

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