Agape Bathrooms
Gemma is a program of complements with lid that also act as trays to protect and, at the same time, ensure that all the products and objects, normally used in the bathroom. The trays, in stainless steel with a satin, brushed burnished or natural satin brass finish cover the cylindrical wooden containers in natural, brown or dark oak, or white lacquered finishes. They are available in different diameters and heights to make it easy and enjoyable to perform all the usual everyday rituals in the bathroom.
Gemma containers
Gemma - Container ø 201 mm (7" 7/8)
Gemma - Container ø 128 mm (5" 35/64)
Gemma - Container ø 90 mm (3" 35/64)
Gemma - Tray or lid, ø 180 mm (7" 3/32) for ACOM253
Gemma - Tray or lid, ø 250 mm (9" 27/32) for ACOM252
Gemma side tables
Gemma - Container ø 203 mm (7" 63/64) or base for small table (small table total height 580 mm - 22" 53/64)
Gemma - Small table top only to be used with ACOM251

Sebastian Herkner

Born in Bad Mergentheim, German designer Sebastian Herkner studied product design at the Arts and Design University of Offenbach. During his formative years, he did an internship with Stella McCartney in London, which helped him to refine his perception of materials, colours, structures and fabrics.

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