Agape Bathrooms
The rounded corners of this design recall the mathematical concept of the superellipse. Halfway between a rectangle and an oval, this mirror by Benedini Associati echoes a shape commonly seen in furniture and car design of the 1960s and 70s, bringing its elegance back to center stage. Seppia’s free and ineffable lines avoid harsh geometrical angles, in harmony with the welcoming atmosphere offered by Agape’s bathroom design. The mirror can be back-lit with LED lighting and can be positioned horizontally or vertically according to the needs of the space.
Seppia with light
Seppia - Mirror with LED lighting, for the US market
Certifications: CE
Seppia without light
Seppia - Mirror without lighting that can be positioned orizzontally
Seppia - Mirror without lighting that can be positioned vertically

Benedini Associati

Benedini Associati was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the Benedini & Partners architecture firm. The main themes are interior design and architecture. It includes Bibi, Camilla, Giampaolo Benedini. Since 2013 Camilla decides to continue an independent professional path for the design of commercial and museum installations.

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