Siliconic rubber

Silicon rubber is a polymer elastomer containing atoms of silicon and oxygen. The composition is stable and irreversible, the mechanical and elastic properties of the material do not undergo change within the temperature range 100 to 250°C. The special characteristics of silicon rubber are its softness, its total non-toxicity (it is even used in mould making for the food industry) and its pure colour. Qualities that make it ideal for applications where the material comes into direct contact with the human body and with water, given its total resistance to oxidisation and to solvents. The flexibility allows to remove the limestone that could settle during the use of the item.
Taps and shower heads

Kaa soffione
Taps and shower heads / shower heads
design Giulio Gianturco, 2003

Kaa doccetta
Taps and shower heads / handhelds shower
design Giulio Gianturco, 2003

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