Agape Bathrooms


Composite material made with natural mineral content (calcium carbonates and aluminium hydrates) mixed with polyester resins; coated with polyester-based iso-neopentylic gelcoat. Ceramilux® is a non absorbent material, resistant to changes in temperature, scratches and abrasion.

Data Sheet

For normal clearing, use soapy water or normal non-abrasive detergents. Gel detergents are preferable. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive detergents and sponges.  Ceramilux® has good heat resistance, however it is advisable to avoid setting very hot objects on the surface. Do not use aggressive chemicals such as acetone, TCE and strong acids or bases.  Some substances such as ink, cosmetics and dyes can release pigment onto the surface if contact with the material is prolonged.
Slight damage can be remedied if the entire thickness of the gelcoat film is not damaged. In this case, sand with very fine sandpaper (800 -1000 grain) until the surface is uniform. To restore the original glossy finish, use polishing paste or other polish (automobile polish products). Follow the manufacturers instructions.

Novecento XL - Wall mounted washbasin with three tap holes
Certifications: CSA
Novecento XL - Wall mounted washbasin with tap hole
Certifications: CSA
Novecento XL - Wall mounted washbasin without tap hole
Certifications: CSA
661 - Over countertop washbasin
Certifications: CSA
Showers and shower trays
PDX - Shower tray with standard dimension
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with square basin
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with rectangular basin (fix width 1300 mm - 51” 3/16)
Certifications: CSA
PDX - Custom built shower tray with central drain and rectangular basin (700 x 1500 mm - 27” 9/16 x 59” 1/16)
Certifications: CSA
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