Flat DX elemento lineare con 3 diffusori AXRUBL_

Taps and shower heads for shower
Benedini Associati, 2002

The horizontal support elements are made in chrome plated brass, and have a singular or dual function: as a support for the fixed wall and/ or as a water supply element. Water is supplied through spouts positioned on the cylindrical surface of the element or through a shower head connected to the element by means of a coupling (1/2” gas). All shower heads are equipped with silicon rubber nozzles. All showers in this price list already include the horizontal support elements as indicated in the compositions. The item can also be purchased separately. The horizontal support elements are simply hooked to the top edge of the crystal glass wall for showers with outer profiles.

Note: Length cm 70 / 100 (27" 9/16 - 39" 3/8)


Code - AXRUBL_

Typology - for shower

Category - Taps and shower heads

Designer - Benedini Associati

Year - 2002

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