Agape Bathrooms


A composite material made from resin and quartz powder. The white surface has a silky satin finish, and is warm and pleasant to the touch.

Abrasions can be easily removed by simply sanding and polishing.

Exmar is an ideal material for bathtubs since it can maintain the water hot for a long period of time.
The materials intrinsic characteristics make it highly resistant and ideal for daily use.

Data Sheet

Light scratches do not alter product function; hence, water resistance is guaranteed. Reduce blemishes with the supplied abrasive sponge or 220 - 320 grain sandpaper to make the area concerned even.

Use the sponge lightly with a circular motion; then wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

For greater damages request the Exmar repair kit.

Washbasins and baths are not treated with varnish: do not use protective varnishes to avoid damaging product quality.
For normal cleaning use products such as denatured alcohol, Cif Multiuso (multipurpose) and Mastro Lindo; do not use solvent-based products (i.e. trichlorethylene, diluents, turpentine, ammonia, etc.).

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