Agape Bathrooms
Bathtub and washbasin in Cristalplant® biobased with a common design with precise but never angular lines. The washbasin, available in a wall-mounted or over countertop version, includes a practical and handy inner shelf which can accommodate the tap, as well as act as a storage area.The Marsiglia bathtub, memory of the ancient washhouse, is ideal for compact spaces thanks to its regular shape and shorter length and reminds the same elegance and functionality of the washbasins. large number of objects and accessories to complement the bathroom.
Marsiglia wall mounted
Marsiglia - Washbasin without tap holes
Marsiglia - Washbasin with 1 tap hole
Marsiglia - Washbasin with 3 tap holes
Marsiglia over countertop
Marsiglia - Over countertop washbasin without tap holes
Marsiglia - Over countertop washbasin with 1 tap hole
Marsiglia - Over countertop washbasin with 3 tap holes


Paolo Lucidi (1974) Luca Pevere (1977). They both graduated at Politecnico di Milano and they gained professional experience working with Marc Sadler and Marco Ferreri (2002 - 2006) for numerous international companies.

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