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Bucatini is a longstanding fixture in the Agape catalogue, part of the range since 1997 - it celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022. A complete range of accessories to furnish the bathroom in an unconventional style, made with a cable that also functions as a support for ceramic containers. Versions with a steel cable covered in black, white, or transparent sheathing are now joined by one with a cork cable. An evolution in the name of sustainability and circular economy that runs throughout the series, giving each object a warm, biscuit-like tone.
Bucatini containers
Bucatini shelves
Bucatini clothes hangers
Bucatini toilet roll holders
Bucatini towel holders
Bucatini soap holders
Bucatini toilet brush holders
Bucatini toothbrush holders
Bucatini dispensers
Bucatini - Support for dispenser (max ø cm 8,4 - 3"1/4)
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Fabio Bortolani

Fabio Bortolani was born on 08.11.1957. He obtained his degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Firenze.

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Ermanno Righi

Born in Carpi on October 4th, 1955. Engineering studies. Successful career in private companies up to management. At the end of the 1980s, he left the multinational where he works to devote himself to self-employment and consultancy in various sectors of mechanics due to dissatisfaction. On behalf of private individuals and in collaboration with research institutes, he develops many innovative projects.

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